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Zachary Quinto Stillness ~

a Zachary Quinto stillness community

Zachary Quinto Stillness
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Zachary Quinto Icon Challenge Community
Stare Into The Sun
Welcome to Zachary Quinto Stillness, your first icon challenge community for actor Zachary Quinto, whom you may know as Sylar in the hit NBC show Heroes or as Spock in the upcoming Star Trek XI.

For more info about stillness communities, please head over mod_stillness.

Founder & Mod: herm_weasley// quiet_ingenue,
Banner Makers: firsttimelady, csichick_2, quiet_ingenue, alexia_drake & lemonrocket {SCHEDULE}


Rules for each challenge will be stated every week, so be sure to read the entire posts, thanks. You must be a member of the community in order to enter the challenges, so please JOIN.

The new challenge will always be up on Sunday. The voting lasts until Tuesday, when the winners are announced (the deadline may be extended).

When posting, please include both the URL and IMG SRC formats, please.
Like this:


Votes are weighted. A first place vote worths 3 points, a second place vote 2 points, a third place vote 1 point and so on. There may be extra categories to vote in if we have a decent amount of entries.

scarlettstills ewanstillness garner_stills keira_stills haydenp_stills pb_stillness sandra_stills mcadamsstills kate_stills heroes_graphics bosworth_stills kylie_ic heigl_stills annastills milo_stills bathroom_girls lastheroesstand dania_daily bw_stillness sylaire_chall sylar_vids zq_icons cadilicious spock_uhura edicontest stargate20in20 stargate_stills britneystills ladies20in20 guys20in20 penelopestills pine_stills antonstills hirschstills nortonstills rdjstills ackles_icontest liv_stillness melissag_stills saldana_stills startrek20in20 amberh_stills startrek_lims heroes_sceneit barton_ic whedon_stills sylar_danny couplesic natureicontest disneytheme 26movielims stillsdeschanel ic0nfest

If you want to be added, leave your request to the same post. Communities which have not been updated for more than three months, will be removed. More info in the post linked above.

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